Last updated: 22nd June 2023
  1. Forker AI is a platform designed for sharing and extending GPT prompts.
  2. We created this platform for your entertainment and educational purposes.
  3. While we strive to ensure that all content posted on our website is accurate and up-to-date, we cannot guarantee the completeness or reliability of any information or content provided by other users.
  4. The prompts and responses on our platform are generated by large language models, which are trained on third-party datasets and may contain biases or errors.
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  10. While Forker AI strives to make your human-to-AI interactions as smooth as possible, please note that the generative AI models used by us are operated by third-party entities, and such interactions are covered by their respective terms of use.
  11. Please note that your prompts may be visible to other users if you choose to share them.
  12. This is an early version of our terms of use, which may be updated by Forker AI in the future without notice.

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