About Us

Forker is GitHub for AI.

At Forker AI, we are pioneering the future of AI collaboration and creativity. Our platform, Forker.ai, serves as the forefront for enthusiasts and professionals alike to converge, innovate, and craft together in the realm of artificial intelligence.

Forker.ai is not just a platform; it is a paradigm shift in the way AI-driven creative processes unfold. With a visionary approach, we empower individuals to create, share, and fork generative AI prompts, ushering in a new era of collaborative ingenuity.

Our mission is to foster a dynamic ecosystem where innovation thrives. We provide a nexus where talents intersect, merge, and amplify, cultivating an atmosphere where the boundaries of imagination are challenged and expanded. Whether you're seeking to craft enthralling narratives, solve intricate problems, or embark on a journey of knowledge expansion, Forker.ai offers an unparalleled and interactive experience that harnesses the full potential of artificial intelligence.

At Forker AI, we are driven by the aspiration to fuel collective creativity. We believe that the true essence of innovation lies in the amalgamation of diverse perspectives and the boundless capabilities of AI technology. Our platform functions as a conduit for this convergence, enabling users to seamlessly contribute to and build upon existing prompts. This collaborative spirit results in the generation of a myriad of content that is both compelling and multifaceted.

Contact Us

Your feedback and inquiries are invaluable to us as we strive for excellence. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us via email at hq@forker.ai. We highly value the opportunity to engage with our community and enhance the Forker AI experience.

Legal Information

Forker s.r.o., headquartered in the Czech Republic, operates as a limited liability company. In addition, we are established as a Delaware C corporation, solidifying our commitment to innovation and transparency.

Thank you for joining us on this groundbreaking journey as we redefine the horizons of AI collaboration. Together, we shape the future of creativity and inspiration at Forker AI.